Where to begin???

I went out this morning to survey the plot, wow its a mess, broken fence panels strain all over the place, the storms have broken 3 panes of glass in the greenhouse, plus weeds!!! AND LOTS OF THEM!!!!!!!

Is this a good time now, once I have cleared up all the wood & gas to introduce Chickens to my plot? Will they help get to grips with my weeds before the spring, fertilise my soils & make for a great start to 2015 veg production?!!! – Ahhh a master plan is coming together……………

Slow To Ripen?

Is it me or are the tomatoes very slow to ripen? I have been  dry excited to see the bunches of fat juicy looking toms on the vine, mouth watering ready to pic. But hold on! they are not turning ………..


I have been told that I am not the only one having this issue? I thought that with all the nice weather we would be having our own La Tomatina!!! 


Tomatoes a plenty but slow to ripen