Tips & Hints

Garden tools are indispensable for every gardener.

But how do you know what tools should you buy?

If you are maintaining a beautiful garden with flowers or a large vegetable garden, you will realize that you need many garden tools.
Garden tools come in different shapes and sizes, so I am sure that you will find the perfect garden tools.

Tiller or Rotivator

Saves the back from hours of digging, creating a fine tilth in over 3/4 of the time.


My new toy

Rotivator - Awesomeness

Every gardener needs a good spade, which is perfect for edging beds, moving soil, removing sod or digging planting holes for plants.



Digging fork
They are used for dividing perennials or loosening compacted soil.

Digging fork


Hand trowel
These garden tools are used for planting herbs, vegetables, small annuals or for planting container gardens.

My old trowel.


Loppers are perfect for pruning smaller tree limbs.



These are great for cleaning out beds and raking autumn leaves.


It is important to buy quality tools. Quality tools are superior, fine, strong, made from the highest quality metals and have a lifetime warranty.


5 Tips to Become a Better Gardener

You can’t garden and you always kill your plants?
Well, I think you might need some advice.

I do not consider myself the best gardener in the world, but my opinion is that I have the qualities which could help me to become a better gardener.

There is no way to wake up one day knowing exactly what to do and how to grow your plants. You will learn gardening by doing it.

Try to select those plants which are easy to grow and give them the needed conditions, like soil and enough light.

A good gardener must be a great observer.
The more time you spend in the garden, the more things you will observe. It is recommended to walk through the garden at least once a week, so that you will be able to observe the insects and diseases.

Many people forget that all plants need regular care. You can’t expect to have a beautiful and unique garden without doing something for it. It is recommended to work in your garden on a regular basis.
Do not forget to water your plants! It is recommended to water them in the early morning.

In the real world gardeners tend to kill plants and plants get diseases and pests. You don’t have to commit suicide, you only have to be patient and learn from your mistakes.
Don’t be afraid of gardening!

Are you a good gardener?





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